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Public Speaking

authorMeeting new people and hearing their stories are a big part of what I love about my job. It helps me to truly understand vast cultures, values, and the differences that make us who we are–as individuals, and as a community.

My passion for food, healthy eating and great restaurants in our region has led to some exciting new opportunities for me to give presentations across Western New York, and many other cities, on the value and necessity for all of us to understand what we put into our bodies. Currently I give presentations on “Understand What We Eat–and We’ll Understand Our Body,” and “Understanding Ingredients in Labels.”

I’ve spoken at and have the ability to speak to both large and small groups, including, community centers, corporations, grief groups, schools, lunch-and-learn series, sports venues, chambers of commerce events, gyms, and many others.

If you would like to book me for an appearance, please contact me through my contact page.

Here are just a few reviews of past presentations:

“Shannon spoke to my bereavement support group on the importance of proper nutrition when grieving. Her program was filled with content that they could use and delivered in a way they could understand. Shannon was well prepared and knowledgeable and held their attention throughout her presentation. They were so interested in the program that they did not want it to end! If you are looking for a speaker who has valuable information on nutrition and healthy eating combined with an engaging delivery style, Shannon Traphagen is the best.”

Nancy Weil
Director of Grief Support
Catholic Diocese Cemeteries

“Shannon is a great speaker and very informative. I liked that it was a personal journey for her and she spoke from experience and not out of a book. It made it much easier to relate to. Everyone that attended the lunch n learn presentation thoroughly enjoyed Shannon’s talk and have repeatedly asked that we bring her back!”

Other feedback from attendees:

“Shannon was an excellent public speaker and presented herself in a way that was approachable and professional. We are much better prepared to make healthier choices when shopping for our families.”

“Had a great time with the information Shannon gave us. Helps to get the new facts on what you can eat and what’s best for you. That opened up my menu a little more as far as variety. Think it will definitely help me get to eating better and liked the literature with tips and a few nice healthy alternative recipes.”

“Shannon was excellent; her presentation was very captivating.”

“Really enjoyed the presentation. It provided much informed awareness about the commercial foods we eat and the effects it has on the body. I highly recommend the knowledge that Shannon Traphagen has to share.”

Cheryl Buckert, CCWS, SICS
An ACA International PPMS Certified Agency
A Business Ethics Award Recipient

For speaking inquires, please submit a request through the contact page